VSV access protection systems in use

Enhanced security for markets, events, festivals and much more

Our access protection systems are used worldwide and function as reliable access and traffic control solutions, road blockers and security barriers. They increase safety at events such as the 2021 Super Bowl in the USA or the Oktoberfest in Limburg. Take a look at the application examples to see the impressive quality and security provided by our products.

Major Events

Such as the Super Bowl 2021 in the USA

In February 2021, the final of the 2021 Super Bowl – a major event attended by several thousand spectators – was held in Tampa, Florida. To protect visitors from possible vehicle-ramming attacks, the VSV Safety CLAW mobile vehicle barrier was installed in the access area.

Stadiums, exhibition grounds etc.

Such as the Juventus Turin stadium

Venues such as stadiums or exhibition grounds can also be blocked against the intrusion of vehicles by means of VSV access barriers. In the Juventus Turin stadium, the Safety CLAW was used as access protection for a security trade fair. 

Towns & Cities

E. g. Oktoberfest in Limburg

In October 2019, a serious accident involving a stolen truck occurred in Limburg. Eight people were injured, and there was significant property damage. In the light of this, it was decided to equip the Limburg Oktoberfest with VSV barriers to secure various access roads to the festival site against a similar event. 

Construction site security

In Holland, Scandinavia & Italy

As the VSV Safety CLAW vehicle barrier is also approved for use in Holland, Scandinavia and Italy, it is regularly deployed in these countries to secure construction sites. The mobile vehicle barrier offers highly effective protection against cars and trucks, especially in traffic flowing in front of or within construction sites. 


Protecting the public

Protecting the public is the police’s most important task – and for this purpose, they rely on VSV barrier systems. These are deployed, for example, at mass events such as demonstrations, where they provide temporary protection at neuralgic access points against the intrusion of vehicles.


Protect sensitive areas effectively

The VSV vehicle barrier is used in various defense sectors. It is suitable for a variety of applications, such as protecting access to sensitive areas as well as vehicles, facilities and staff against terrorist attacks, drivers running amok and other threats.

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