Safety first - Protect sensitive areas with high-securiity bollards

High Security

High Security Line bollards are particularly suitable for securely protecting sensitive areas. Depending on the area of application, they are available in automatic, fixed and removable construction. All versions have been subjected to crash tests, are certified and meet the specific security requirements.

These extremely low-maintenance, easy-to-maintain electromechanical bollards are equipped with brushless motors. They are particularly suitable for areas subject to strict environmental protection regulations, as they do not require hydraulic oil. The gentle cylinder movement is controlled by the Soft Start/Soft Stop function.

Automatic Bollards E

With brushless electomechanical drive

A 275-M30-900 E / A 275-M30-1200 E
A 275-M50-900 E / A 275-M50-1200 E

  • Designed for high usage frequencies (approx. 2,000 cycles/day)
  • Low maintenance, no checking of hydraulic components, oil pressure or oil level required
  • Environmentally friendly, even when subject to strict environmental protection regulations
  • Easy to maintain due to almost wear-free, brushless 230-V motors and few drive components
  • Low-vibration and silent cylinder movement thanks to Soft Start and Soft Stop
  • Optional EFO emergency function (Emergency Fast Operation)

Automatic Bollards H

with integrated hydraulic drive

A 275-M30-900 H / A 275-M30-1200 H
A 275-M50-900 H / A 275-M50-1200 H

  • Designed for high usage frequencies (approx. 2,000 cycles/day)
  • Automatic raising and lowering by means of the integrated hydraulic drive
  • Optional EFO emergency function (Emergency Fast Operation)
  • Expandable control unit for the simultaneous control of several bollards
  • Distance between bollard and control unit of up to 80 meters

Semi-Automatic Bollards H

With integrated hydraulic pump

S 275-M30-900 H / S 275-M30-1200 H
S 275-M50-900 H / S 275-M50-1200 H

  • For low usage frequencies (approx. 5 cycles/day)
  • No power supply required
  • Manual lifting and lowering with cordless screwdriver and supplied special insert

Removable Bollards

with reinforced base

R 275-M30-900 / R 275-M30-1200
R 275-M50-900 / R 275-M50-1200

  • For very low usage frequencies
  • Bollard can be removed using a special tool
  • Can be locked with a profile half-cylinder security lock
  • Matching cylinders facilitate a combination with fixed high-security bollards

Fixed Bollards FF

With reinforced floor fastening

F 275-M30-900 FF / F 275-M30-1200 FF
F 275-M50-900 FF / F 275-M50-1200 FF

  • With reinforced floor fastening for setting in concrete
  • For securing structures or areas where access is not required
  • Matching cylinders facilitate a combination with automatic and removable high-security bollards

Fixed Bollards SF

With flush floor fastening and an installation depth off just 200mm

F 275-M30-900 SF

  • For installation above underground supply lines or underground garages, for example
  • Low installation depth of only 200 mm for asphalt road surfaces
  • Optional: 300 mm installation depth for other road surfaces, e.g. paving stones
  • Any length of arrangement with several bollards
  • Individual angle arrangement at 90°, 45° and 30°
  • Also suitable for inclines or slopes
  • Matching cylinders provide a coordinated appearance in combination with other high-security bollards
  • Minimal outlay for groundwork and reduced assembly costs thanks to ready-to-install modules incl. steel reinforcement

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