For securing access in one direction

Tyre Killer

The “Tyre Killer” type stationary security system allows one-way access control while preventing movement in the opposite direction.

Tyre killers are available in two versions: While “Tyre Killer M” allows permanent access in one direction, “Tyre Killer H” is only lowered when a vehicle is actually supposed to pass.

Tyre Killer M


  • For average usage frequencies (approx. 100 cycles/day)
  • Installed on finished surface, no groundwork necessary
  • Optional manual lowering for passage in both directions

Tyre Killer H

  • For high usage frequencies (approx. 2,000 cycles/day)
  • Recessed in the floor, flush mounted
  • External hydraulic drive (distance max. 30 m)
  • Optional EFO emergency function (Emergency Fast Operation)
  • Manual lowering for passage in both directions

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