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The OktaBlock mobile vehicle barrier is certified according to the stringent requirements of the technical guidelines of the German police. It reliably secures access to outdoor events and buildings against vehicle-ramming attacks. Whether it’s a city festival in springtime, a summer festival or a Christmas market in winter – mobile vehicle barriers are a cost-effective solution for securing a variety of events, regardless of when and where. The OktaBlock also has an unobtrusive design which means it blends inconspicuously into the surrounding cityscape. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by various crash tests, including a test carried out on a wet road. The test simulated an impact from two different angles of 45 and 90 degrees, with a maximum impact energy in protection class SK1B of up to 986,000 joules (see table below for further tests).

Simple. Flexible. Unobtrusive.

Mobile Security

Mobile vehicle barrier

OktaBlock & OktaBlock TR

OktaBlock OktaBlock TR
Base plate dimensions 800 x 800 mm 800 x 800 mm
Base plate height 30 mm 40 mm
Base plate height 1.250 mm 1.250 mm
Bollard diameter 273 mm 273 mm
Color Anthrazitgrau RAL 7016* Anthrazitgrau RAL 7016*
Weight approx. 350 kg ca. 450 kg
Impact energy 750.000 J 986.000 J
Certified in accordance with M30, K4, PAS 68, IWA 14-1 SK1B, TR Pol**
* optional RAL of your choice for an additional charge
** according to the technical guidelines of the German police for mobile vehicle barriers, version 0.8
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OktaBlock – Mobile vehicle barrier
For flexible protection of events

Test certificate
About a passed vehicle impact test against a mobile vehicle barrier
Test certificate

Certificate of passing the barrier testing program